Landscape Maintenance

Streets are the lifelines of any city. In other words, it is a gateway to know the city.  If someone..

Snake Plant Botanical Name: Sansevieria trifasciata Phonetic Spelling: San-se-vieria tri-fas-ci-ata Local Name: Snake Plant Plant Type: House Plant Sun Exposure:..

Spider Plant Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum Phonetic Spelling: kloe-roe-fy-tum koe-mo-sum Local Name: Ribbon Plant, Musli, Spider Plant. Spider Ivy Plant..

Soil is a complex part of the living landscape. Natural soil takes centuries or millennia to develop. Precipitation, temperature, plants..

Indoor Air quality plays an important role in the work performance and the health of the users. With the passage..

Before going to the garden centre or nursery, landscapers should do some preparatory work. Landscapers should examine the planting site,..

Heather Winter-flowering heather is a great plant for low-growing texture. It also looks fantastic in pots. It comes with different..

Take Care of Your Garden: Monsoon is here again The sky is darkening, clouds envelop the sun causing the shadow..

A lawn is an area where grass is grown as a green carpet for a landscape and is the basic..

  As you drive around the neighbourhoods what causes you to do a double-take? The size and general appearance, of..

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