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    Brahma Singh Reply

    Vertical farming (VF) should not be taken as a replacement of prevailing farming practices but an alternative to relieve some burden on it. VF is successful in lettuce, strawberry production and as vertical garden ( boon to contribute to environment improvement). The technologies playing major role in VF are hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics which have tremendous application in future farming. These technologies have potential to reduce distance between farm and dinning table(plate). Every home may have VF in one or the other forms. The economics would be affordable when VF penetrate in homes of common man.With this technology food can be grown any where.
    At present it is fantastic tool to teach students at all level and everywhere the importance of food and its nutrition essential for every human to survive.

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    Olatinwo Dayo Reply

    @ Brahma Singh I am in support of your opinion, the conventional method of farming should not be ignored for Vertical integration, especially in some part of Africa where they still have Arable lands unused.

    Countries should look out for what work best for them instead of trying to follow what others are doing without proper research.

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